ursa broadcast


Professional streaming and video solutions to bring your content to the world.

Custom Design

An innovative system design that is unique to your budget and needs.

Content Delivery Network

Our Network of servers worldwide gets your stream to your viewers every time.

Professional Gear

We are dealers for the best AV products in the business: getting you state-of-the-art gear for a high-quality stream.

Site to Site Streaming

Stream from site to site for live viewing or delayed DVR playback. 

Adaptive Bit Rate

Get your content to your audience at a bit rate that works for them. With automatic bit rate selection based off your viewers internet speeds.

Re-Streaming Capabilities

Re-broadcast your content to your audience for those who might have missed it through simulated live playback. 


Professional camera solutions for a sharp image with high dynamic range. For use in image magnification or live streaming. 


We specialize in modular LED displays that can be fixed or redesign-able for flexibility in stage design.


Whether it's laser or lamp projection, we can design around your room conditions and budget for the best solution available. 

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Let us design a system that works for you.