We design intelligent systems that will deliver clear, pure audio to every seat in the room, from small huddle spaces to large venues.
We design video systems to help you share your message. From LED screens to broadcast video systems we help you use the latest technology to connect to your audience.
We help keep your audience engaged by designing an atomosphere that captivates your audience.
We understand the complexity of streaming to a global audience and can provide you with a custom tailored solution for a smooth streaming experience.
We design or alter rooms to provide more clarity to any environment.
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city on a hill PA
This client needed a compact flown PA with a mobile case for their gym that could be quickly stowed away after use. We designed a custom case for the mixer with a lid that transforms into a tabletop allowing for quick deployment and storage.
Speaker Install
We install premium speaker systems that produce immersive sound.
fbc lift
We help maintain your AV systems and keep them in top working order.
Broadcast Room
A simple and effective setup for live video switching and broadcast audio mixing all from one desk.
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